Introduction to NSCC

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Date(s) - 19/02/2016
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

NTU Venue: SPMS-LT2(SPMS-03-03)



  1. Program
  2. Registration
  3. Introduction to NSCC
    About National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC), its objectives and IT landscape
  4. What is HPC?
    Definition of High Performance Computing (HPC) and its applications
  5. Introduction to NSCC HPC Cluster
    The IT infrastructure behind NSCC HPC: Compute, Storage, Connectivity, Software and System Management, etc.
  6. PBS Pro Scheduler
    An insight into the workload manager and job scheduler for HPC environments and its key features. This segment will also cover how you can submit jobs, view status and request for specific resources
  7. Compilers and Libraries
    Importance of compilers and libraries within the NSCC HPC environment, how they work and the various types of applications compiled – home-grown or open source applications
  8. Developer Tools
    What are the tools available to create software for HPC applications? How you can analyse the performance of the applications, recognize bugs, trace and identify the issues within the code
  9. Co-processor / Accelerators
    How can Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Coprocessors/Accelerators provide fast performance from massively parallel applications? This section will tell you how to configure the coprocessor, compile a GPU application and submit your jobs to GPU devices
  10. Environment Modules
    The importance of environment modules and how to choose the most appropriate and powerful modules to optimize performance
  11. Applications
    What are the available HPC applications, its compatibility with the NSCC HPC cluster and usage
  12. User registration procedures
    How to sign-up and access NSCC HPC portal
  13. Q & A, Feedback